Online Fundraising

Join the Spartan Fit Charity Program

  • Enable supporters to participate in the Spartan Fit 30-day challenge that can be done from home.
  • They’ll receive a daily exercise program teaching all the exercises needed to complete in a Spartan Race (designed for beginners and up, with no equipment or previous experience required). 
  • Commiting to raising funds for your cause while they’re at it, starting easy and building up to compete in a virtual Spartan Race (optional) at the end of the challenge.
  • Plus when they raise over $150 they get a free entry code for a Spartan Race (valued at over $120)
Book in a call to learn more about the charity program
Access for your fundraisers Access to Spartan Fit 30-day program for your fundraisers to get healthy at home while raising funds for you
Access for your organization Access to a landing page for your organization where an unlimited number of fundraisers can create their fundraising page (eg
Your supporters can compete to be the top fundraiser Ability for your supporters to fundraise as an individual or as part of a team
Access to reporting Access to Advanced Real Time reporting for a period of 90 days
Fundraiser engagement An email engagement series will be sent out to your fundraisers during the 30 day of the challenge to help them raise more, reward them when they raise $150 and give them their challenges

How it works:

  1. Sign up your organization - get your own dedicated co-branded Spartan fit site and access to the virtual program - for just $1990 (free options also available)
  2. Encourage your supporters to sign-up and fundraise for your cause
  3. They’ll receive a new fitness program every day for 30 days, designed by the Spartan team
  4. Funds raised go to your cause

Through Spartan Fit, you can:

  • Live, eat, train like a Spartan for 30 days, become your best self and raise vital funds for [CHARITY NAME]
  • Have fun, connect and earn bragging rights

Consistency is key! You don’t have to run a marathon each day (you could do that too though).